[1e] Essential Facts of Blood Pressure in Dogs and Cats
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Blood pressure measurements

Veterinary Medicine did change tremendously in the last years, both in terms of scientific development and quality of service.
In particular the width and efficacy of therapies developed in a proportional manner to the possibility of defining correct diagnosis. More updated tools are available to Veterinarians and some diagnosis are easier performed as well as the monitoring of critical patients are become more efficient.
Among these tools, the possibility to utilize practical and not expensive devices to evaluate the blood pressure opens an important door on the correct management of several serious disorders.
Systemic hypertension is a common finding as a consequent symptom of many important diseases, and the possibility to monitor the blood pressure values may be often of paramount importance for the successful treatment of the disease.
For this reason it becomes very welcome this publication that, for the first time, focuses specifically on the different aspects of blood pressure in Veterinary Medicine.
In detailed and easy to understand manner, all the aspects concerning blood pressure measurement, the causes and the consequence of hypo- and hypertension, the indications for pressure monitoring, as well as the therapy of hypo- and hypertension are described.
It is a very helpful book for those that are approaching for the first time this important aspect of patient monitoring and also very useful for the Vets that are utilizing the blood pressure monitoring for a long time, since all the aspect concerning this field are reviewed.

Claudio Brovida, DVM, Moncalieri/Italy
President WSAVA

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